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Personal testimonies of healings and blessings received at FDM

Healing testimony from Dr. Dan Bosman
Praise God I'm suffering from NO MORE PAIN in the back of my head on my left side Pastor Mike ! That was one of the symptoms of Bell's Palsy! I have an appointment to see my neurosurgeon at 12:30pm at Baptist health tomorrow! Wonder what he will say when i tell him we prayed together and the constant pain left my head? To have constant pain night and day and suddenly no pain is a great relief is simply marvelous and wonderful! All I can say is thank you Jesus Christ our great Physician and Savior for you are the God who healeth us!

Thanks for the FIRE testimony from Marcus Wright
Marcus Wright writing to you today, Sunday July 5th. I don't know if you remember me, we met a summer or two ago. I was walking home from Kroger carrying my groceries and you stopped me to spread that fire. I attended your church till I left for the military. I had told you all I was joining the Navy to become a Corpsman. Well God has other plans for me, I ended up in the Army as a 68W combat medic. I am now a certified EMS and just finished the Whiskey training.

I'm writing to you today because last week during the last of my companies testing one of the instructors tested positive for covid-19. As a result the company has been put on quarantine. The extent of which is still in the air. We tested today for covid, the results should take six to seven days to return. Our first field training exercise and our graduation ceremony has been canceled.

Churches on post only recently reopened. I had every intention of going to church today, and had made plans to do so days ago. Being on lock down the past few days I've fallen into just passing the time. I was mid episode, watching a show on Netflix when I thought of good ol'pastor Mike and how he records his bible studies. So I stopped what I was doing and put on 20200621.

I find it mind blowing how touching your words are. Seems like every time I listen to you preach you touch on something that really hits home. I really found it ironic how you had mentioned something about turning the television off and quoting the word of God. After hearing that I backed it up and found something else you said about having two ears and one tongue and needing to listen more than you speak unless you are spreading the word of God. I sent that quote and John 11:4 to a battle buddy of mine that I've been going to services with and I told him even though you're stuck in your room you can still be reading your bible on this Sunday.

It's crazy seeing all these young adults training, and little to none of them have religious preference. I'm always trying to get more of my battle buddies to attend church on Sunday. I don't know if it's because I'm 32 years old and most of them under the age of 21. I just don't understand Pastor Mike how they can be in this chosen profession, one in which death and suffering surrounds you and not believe. Out of a company of almost 200 soldier medics only two males, a battle buddy and I are the only ones who attend church services.

I just want to thank you pastor for your words and let you know that even though I'm stuck here at Fort Sam Houston, Texas on quarantine missing home (Shepherdsville) that your fire still spreads through me a disciple of your church. If I could I would be at that Jesus rally! God bless you pastor Mike for continuing to do good things and recording, it is greatly appreciated. Continue to pray for our troops, all I ask is that you pray that these battle buddies of mine find Jesus.


Healing testimony from Barbara Rogers. December 2019
I have had pain in my right knee and lower back for over 30 years. I have had surgery, many injections in the doctor's office and also had an injection in my spine and right lower back in the hospital which did not help and physical therapy (which helped temporary). The pain was 24 hours a day. I tolerated it during the day but at night I had to take some kind of medication so I could get some sleep and even with that, I would wake up after it wore off in pain. I also had muscle spasms in my back for several years. It seemed like my back was moving all the time from the spasms. I would take a muscle relaxer and it would help for several days but the past few months I had to take one every night to get some rest.

As I was sitting in the congregation I said to God that I did not need to go up front to get healed for my back. After a period of time passed, I begin having very bad pain in my right knee, worse than ever before, and I was thinking what in the world is going on! A short time later my right leg began to vibrate and little by little the pain left completely. Praise God!! When Don ask for people in pain to come up front, I went for healing in my back and both shoulders since! have torn tendons on both and other issues. After I was prayed for, the pain in my lower back was less and also the muscle spasms.

When I got home the spasms in my back were half gone and at the end of the day they completely left. The pain in my lower back was also less but not completely gone. As the days passed the pain left completely. Every now and then, there will be a little pain come back butI just thank God for Him healing me and the pain leaves. I have not needed a muscle relaxer or pain pill to sleep since I was prayed for and God healed me.

My shoulders with the torn tendons got worse at first but now have gotten better also. Sometimes surgery hurts a little no matter who does it. I know God in still doing a healing in me and will continue to do so until I am completely healed of everything that was on my mind for when I went forward.

I have had to stand firm on my healings because I know the author of doubt and unbelief tries to get believers to doubt what God has done. Even, as I write this letter the thought comes, what if the-pain comes back, but. know that is not of God. I must fight the good fight of faith in my Lord and Savior and I always win. I thank God daily for all He has done for me.


I'm Mort Perry. On December the 16th 2019 Jesus Christ restored my hearing in my left ear. I removed my hearing aid and have since retired it, along with my cane, because my left knee is also not so painful anymore and I notice a considerable movement.

On December 30th 2019 I requested prayer for macular degeneration, for which I have experienced improvement as well!

Healing testimony from Pastor Mike Miller
I want to tell you, what we have been experiencing the last 3 weeks at FDM CHURCH! We have seen tangible MIRACLES take place! My personal testimony is this: During the first week of these services, I was seeing many MIRACLES TAKE PLACE RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES! As the Senior Pastor & Founder, of this church, my heart became full of JOY! I have struggled for many years with a serious back problem from my neck, to my lower back! Many of you know, that I served as a Police Officer for 22 years and retired in December 2013 and went into the ministry full-time! Due to all those years of being a Police Officer, my back became severely damaged and my L4-L5 was rubbing metal to metal! I'm ashamed to say this, as the Pastor, but I cut line and I had Rev. Dan Bosman pray for me! I felt my leg grow out about 2 inches and I have had no severe pain since, this GREAT MAN OF GOD PRAYED FOR ME!
We have been praying for the last 10 years that a, SOUL/HEALING REVIVAL WOULD COME TO OUR CHURCH! We are so thankful, that the HOLY SPIRIT HEARD OUR PRAYERS! Dr./Rev. Dan Bosman from South Africa, has been sent to see REVIVAL START IN AMERICA! I believe that it has started at, FDM CHURCH! I don't know how long Rev. Dan Bosman will be at our church, but I would highly recommend, that you come and let him pray for you! This is not about FDM CHURCH OR REV. DAN BOSMAN, THIS IS ALL ABOUT KING JESUS AND THE HEALING POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST! Maybe you are skeptical of things, like this happening, all I can say is this, "COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!" GOD BLESS YOU AND JESUS CHRIST IS STILL HEALING TODAY AND FOREVER! ISAIAH 53:5!
Mike Miller, Senior Pastor & Founder


Healing testimony. from Brenda Alvey
Praise the Lord ! I have been battling CKD for several years and on dialysis. I came to the FDM prayer service and Dan Bosman prayed for me the next day my blood test showed that my hemoglobin had increased. The following week Dan Bosman prayed for me again. (Thank you Dan)! I went to the Doctor and had another blood test. My nurse called and told me that I needed to stop all my phosphorus binders she said that my phosphorus and potassium were normal. All the glory goes to my Lord Jesus
Isaiah 53 his stripes we are healed.
(It’s a done deal). Thank you Jesus

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL from Indy Settle. December 1st, 2019
(click the sound button on the video to unmute if needed)

 Indy's testimony:
Dan Bosman and Doctor Frank ministered in our church in Shepherdsville together on Sunday morning. I twisted my right ankle six times at different periods of my life growing up as I had a weak ankle.The last time I twisted my ankle was back in 2017. After twisting my ankle, I lived with constant pain and discomfort, which never went away like before. Tonight round 11pm my ankle popped right back into place. My ankle did not hurt and it was a very gentle feeling when Jesus healed me completely. Since then I can walk without any discomfort or pain in my ankle. To God be the Glory ! Praise the Lord !
Testimony from the service on 12/1/2019
Church today, you might want to sit down for this if you struggle with your Faith, at Family Day Ministries, we had a guest preacher by the name of Dan Bosman who is truly a gifted man of God. One by one, he was offering prayer for whatever healing was needed. A lady of the church, who has suffered from tension headaches far longer then anyone would want to. He had her sit across from him on stage and he held her feet in his hands and began to pray and literally, we witnessed the first of many miracles that would happen there today. Turns out, she had one leg shorter then the other. Then as we noticed, the short leg began to extend to the point that it was now the same length as the other leg. Yes, give God all the praise and glory. He went one by one throughout the church and prayed for their needs and one by one, they were healed. We witnessed the miracles right then and there. I, asked for prayer for my husband. His left shoulder is bone on bone from Arthritis. He just told me it is not as bad so that is a healing that we have received spiritually. and now we wait on the physical healing. I have been suffering with my back for quite some time and as be faced me with my feet in his hands, he began to pray and as he prayed, I felt the same feeling you would feel if your leg was growing. Now, some may think yeah right but I promise you, my husband even witnessed it too. I lost count of how many people were healed of the same thing today. Now here is the bonus, our Pastor invited him back next week so, if there is something you need prayer for, please come and have your needs prayed for.
Family Day Ministries
178 S. Buckman. Shepherdsville. Service starts @10:30
We stood there watching each and every miracle. Let us witness your healing. Thank you so much Jesus.


Testimony from the service on 12/1/2019
Ok. Here it is. This is what I posted on FB...Can I get an Amen! I've suffered since a teenager with tension headaches caused by slight misalignment in my pelvic bone which caused one leg to be shorter (about 1/4 inch) than the other while standing. With prayer of my church and the man of God, Brother Dan Bosman, the Holy Spirit literally made my left leg lengthen so that it was even with the other one. There was easily an inch to 1-1/2 inch difference (when sitting down with legs outstretched) and I could feel the movement as my leg seemed to grow, while our congregation watched on and saw the proof as it happened. While I'm a firm believer in God's miracle working power, my astonishment was palpable and I let out an excited "Oh my gosh!" accompanied by tears of joy. Praise God for the many miracles that happened at my church today, some visible, some not, but miracles just the same. Miracles do happen today if you trust in the Lord and believe!!!!! Praise God !


testimony from service on 12/1/2019, by Greg Lay