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In January 2014, the HOLY SPIRIT put it on our HEARTS to believe for an Out-Reach truck. I put this vision before our Church and we starting raising money. I told our church that this truck would be used to take BRAND NEW ITEMS across America to help FAMILIES that were struck by natural disasters. Our church was able to raise the money and pay cash for this New Out-Reach truck, TO GOD BE THE GLORY! We wanted an Out-Reach that our whole city could get involved in, and support with donations and brand new supplies. Melissa & I would be honored for you to help us reach across America for JESUS CHRIST! If you would like to donate supplies or send your cash donation by mail, please contact me using the following:
Mike & Melissa Miller, Senior Pastors & Founders
Family Day Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 6524
Shepherdsville, KY 40165

Melissa & I want to thank all those who have already donated to make this vision become a reality. Hope to hear from you soon and we have already made our very first Out-Reach, to help the HOMELESS & NEEDY in Metro Louisville. (See Below)
Mike & Melissa Miller, Founders

On June 20th, in our Father's Day Outreach, we gave out our Daniel Food Box's to our Men! There was a AWESOME MOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ON THIS DAY! Many of these Food Boxes will also go to families in need in our community! Pastors Mike & Melissa want to thank Hall's Floor Company for providing the boxes for this GREAT OUT REACH! Below is a picture of Pastor Mike and Dr. T with owner, Brother Eddie Hall and some of his employees! Melissa & I want to thank everybody who donated their time and money to make this an OUT-REACH TO THE NEEDY! GOD BLESS YOU FOR GIVING UNTO THE LORD!

On Sunday, May 9th, 2021 we celebrated God's love for mothers. Food boxes were prepared and handed out to mothers after the service. We pray all The Mothers were blessed by the baskets they received. The baskets are pictured below.

On November 3rd, 2020, FDM CHURCH HAD A MANNA OUT-REACH TO OUR CITY! We gave out 80 boxes of food to families in need in our City! There were 6 more SOULS BORN INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD! TO KING JESUS BE ALL THE GLORY! On this very important Election Day, our church wanted to show what is the most important thing to do! WIN SOULS AND HELP THE NEEDY! Matthew Chapter 25 Verse 40! Pastors Mike & Melissa and FDM Board want to thank all those who gave to make this GREAT MANNA OUT-REACH THE BIGGEST FOOD GIVE AWAY EVER IN THE CHURCH'S 11 YEAR HISTORY! MOST OF ALL, WE WANT TO THANK KING JESUS FOR DOING IT. HE TRULY GETS ALL THE GLORY FOR THIS! Please enjoy the pictures below, GOD BLESS ALL!



OUT-REACHES in 2019!

The following article appeared in The Pioneer News newspaper, of Shepherdsville, Ky, on December 23rd, 2019

On December 14th, 2019, FDM church went to the LORD'S KITCHEN in Louisville, KY! We were able to donate over $1,500.00 dollars of CHRISTMAS GIFTS TO BE GIVEN TO THE HOMELESS & NEEDY ON DECEMBER 15TH! FDM also got to serve and feed meals to the HOMELESS & NEEDY! We want to THANK ALL THOSE WHO DONATED TO THIS GREAT OUT REACH! We also want to thank the LORD'S KITCHEN for letting us come! PLEASE ENJOY THE PICTURES BELOW! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 



On Novermber 3rd, 2019, Pastor Mike was in JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, to be a part of the dedication of the FRIENDS OF ZION OUTREACH that was Founded by Dr. Mike Evans! Pastor Mike presented a $10,000.00 dollar check from Family Day Ministries to keep THIS OUTREACH MINISTRY REACHING THE WHOLE NATION OF ISRAEL! Dr. Mike Evans is also housing HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS in this building for free! Melissa & I want to thank, all those who donated over the last three years to help with this GREAT OUT- REACH TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE IN ISRAEL! FDM church has given thousands of dollars to help Dr. Mike Evans to keep this vision going strong!
PLEASE enjoy the pictures below:
Dr. Michael Evans Sr., Pastor Michael Miller & Rev. Michael Evans Jr. 

On July 13th our very own Board Member, Mrs. Donna Burke, traveled to Washington, D.C. with Sister Kim Chadwell to have a time of PRAYER FOR THE UNBORN! Sister Kim Chadwell is founder of HOLY NATION! Sister Kim has traveled across America to be a voice for those babies that have been aborted. Family Day Ministries is a strong supporter of this great OUT-REACH TO STOP ABORTION! We are praying that ROE VS. WADE (1973) WILL BE OVER-TURNED SOON IN JESUS NAME! PLEASE ENJOY THE PICTURES BELOW!


Family Day Ministries Children and Youth Group collects
and donate supplies to the Bullitt County Animal Shelter.


On June 27th-30th, Family Day Ministries had it's first ever HOLY GHOST MIRACLES POST OFFICE TENT REVIVAL! This was a HUGE SUCCESS, considering the weather was VERY HOT! The temperatures were in the high 90's! We had over 140 people that came to the TENT REVIVAL AND MANY GOT BORN AGAIN AND FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST! Melissa & I want to thank all the volunteers who worked so hard through the excess heat to make this a TRUE HOLY GHOST EVENT!
We believe many were healed of sickness and disease! We will give you updates on our testimony page as they come in! We are going to leave the HOLY GHOST TENT UP and will be having some more services soon, for the GLORY OF GOD! Check the events section for more TENT REVIVAL SERVICES COMING SOON! Please enjoy the pictures above!

On May 1st, Family Day Ministries, Inc. was asked by Holy Nation Founder, Sister Kim Chadwell, to hold a service for the unborn babies. Sister Donna Burke from FDM church and State Director for this event did an OUTSTANDING JOB FOR REMEMBERING ALL THE BABIES THAT HAVE BEEN ABORTED SINCE ROE VS. WADE BECAME LAW IN 1973! Pastor Mike was asked by Sister Kim Chadwell to lead a Funeral Service, and to PRAY THAT OUR NATION WOULD REPENT OF THIS HORRIBLE SIN CALLED ABORTION! This was a very PEACEFUL EVENT! We did not come to condemn any mother or person, but we came to PRAY AND REPENT FOR THESE SINS! We want to thank all those who supported this event with your PRAYERS! The picture above, is of those that gathered in Frankfort, KY at the state capitol, to PRAY AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS OF THIS HORRIBLE SIN THAT OUR NATION ALLOWED TO BECOME LAW! For more information of upcoming events, go to:!

On March 24th, FDM celebrated winning 1,500 SOULS TO JESUS CHRIST! Pastors Mike and Melissa & Staff want to thank you for standing with this SOUL WINNING MINISTRY! Because of your PRAYERS & SUPPORT, we are reaching our City, America & around the world for KING JESUS! Please enjoy the pictures listed below from the SOUL WINNING PARTY!

On January 23rd, Pastor Mike & Elder Ron traveled to Plano, Texas, to attend John G. Lake Healing School. General Overseer, Brother Curry Blake, taught a 3 day DIVINE HEALING TECH SCHOOL! There were over 400 people from around the world that attended this HEALING SCHOOL! Pastor Mike & Elder Ron were so humbled by Brother Curry Blake's knowledge and teaching on healing! We will be able to use these teachings RIGHT HERE AT FDM, AND TAKE IT OUT THE DOORS INTO THE STREETS! Pictured below from left to right is Pastor Mike & Elder Ron at JOHN G. LAKE MINISTRIES and Brother Curry Blake teaching on HEALING!

OUT-REACHES in 2018!
Pastor Mike, Elder Ron, Brothers Stan French & Raymond Lax had the GREAT HONOR to be with Pastor Thurman & his beloved wife Cheryl on September 8th, for a HEALING SCHOOL! Pastor Mike and GOD'S MIRACLE CREW got to spend time with Pastor Thurman and had a Private Session with him on September 7th! What a GREAT BLESSING THAT WAS! Pastor Thurman has some of the GREATEST DOCUMENTED MIRACLES IN AMERICA! Family Day Ministries was able to present a $1,000.00 dollar check, for their upcoming CHRISTMAS OUT-REACH TO CHILDREN IN TEXAS! Pastors Mike & Melissa and Board Members want to thank you for helping Needy Children across America! GOD BLESS YOU FOR THIS!

Pastor Mike, Brother Ron Winter, Brother Shawn Frye & Brother Raymond Lax travelled to Dallas, Texas, on May 19th to celebrate "ISRAEL 70TH ANNIVERSARY!" GOD'S MIRACLE CREW will be with Dr. Mike Evans Sr. & Mike Evans Jr. & Governor Mike Huckabee to celebrate this "PROPHETIC HISTORICAL EVENT!" Family Day Ministries, Inc. was a VIP SPONSOR OF THIS EVENT! Pastor Mike also delivered, into the hands of Dr. Mike Evans, a LOVE OFFERING CHECK to help continue to reach HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS to have shelter, food & clothing!
Pastor Mike & God's Miracle Crew, had the great honor to be with Dr. Mike Evans & Governor Mike Huckabee and people all across America on May 19th, 2018, in Dallas, Texas, to celebrate "ISRAEL'S 70TH YEAR, AS A REBIRTH NATION!" Pastor Mike was able to present a $5,000.00 dollar LOVE GIFT from Family Day Ministries, Inc., to help Dr. Mike Evans finish the HOMELESS SHELTER FOR HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS IN THE HOLY CITY OF JERUSALEM! Pastors Mike & Melissa want to thank our church and our supporters who made this possible! We know GOD WILL TRULY BLESS YOU FOR HELPING THE JEWISH PEOPLE! Featured in the picture above, from left to right is: Brother Raymond Lax, Ron Winter, Dr. Mike Evans, Pastor Mike Miller & Brother Shawn Frye.