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In January 2014, the HOLY SPIRIT put it on our HEARTS to believe for an Out-Reach truck. I put this vision before our Church and we starting raising money. I told our church that this truck would be used to take BRAND NEW ITEMS across America to help FAMILIES that were struck by natural disasters. Our church was able to raise the money and pay cash for this New Out-Reach truck, TO GOD BE THE GLORY! We wanted an Out-Reach that our whole city could get involved in, and support with donations and brand new supplies. Melissa & I would be honored for you to help us reach across America for JESUS CHRIST! If you would like to donate supplies or send your cash donation by mail, please contact me using the following:
Mike & Melissa Miller, Senior Pastors & Founders
Family Day Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 6524
Shepherdsville, KY 40165

Melissa & I want to thank all those who have already donated to make this vision become a reality. Hope to hear from you soon and we have already made our very first Out-Reach, to help the HOMELESS & NEEDY in Metro Louisville. (See Below)
Mike & Melissa Miller, Founders

OUT-REACHES in 2017!
The following article appeared in The Pioneer News on Oct. 11th, 2017

The following article about the outreach to Houston Texas,
was in The Pioneer News on September 18th, 2017

On Tuesday nights during the Month of July 2017, Pastor Mike, Elder Scotty & Our Prayer Director, Brother Raymond Lax, led our Church on our FIRST CITY PRAYER WALK! We walked through our city PRAYING OVER CHURCHES, BUSINESSES, & GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS

On June 10th, 2017 in Irving Texas, Pastor Mike & GODS MIRACLE CREW had the GREAT HONOR to be a part of the "JERUSALEM JUBILEE!" Our church was able to give Dr. Mike Evans a LARGE LOVE OFFERING to help with the work in Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Mike Evans will use this money to continue the work in Jerusalem to shelter, feed, clothe, and continue the GREAT MISSION WORK THAT HE IS DOING IN JERUSALEM! Melissa & I and our Board members want to thank all those who gave to make this missions trip a HUGE BLESSING TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE! We know that you will be blessed because you gave! (Genesis Chapter 12 Verse 3) Featured in the picture above, from left to right is: Brother Ron Winter, Brother Raymond Lax, Pastor Mike Miller, Dr. Mike Evans & Brother Shawn Frye.

On December 6th, Pastor Mike & GOD'S MIRACLE CREW traveled to Baton Rough, Louisiana, to bring "KENTUCKY CHRISTMAS IN LOUISIANA!" There was over $8,000.00 dollars worth of BRAND NEW ITEMS given to the families that lost so much in the August flood. Pastors Mike & Melissa & Board members want to thank all those who donated their: TIME, PRAYERS & LOVE DONATIONS to make this possible!! THANK YOU FOR GIVING A CHRISTMAS IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS! Please enjoy the pictures & news articles below!
The following article appeared on the Wave 3 website on 12/3/2016

Pastors Mike & Melissa, Board Members & Staff want to THANK ALL those who attended, our SOUL WINNING party on September 18th, 2016. The vision started, on January 10th, 2010 in the lobby of Roasted Joe's Restaurant with 17 people. Our vision, was to reach 1000 SOULS FOR OUR KING JESUS! As KING JESUS SAID ON THE CROSS,"IT IS FINISHED!" Because of your PRAYERS & SUPPORT, WE HAVE REACHED NOW OVER 1000 SOULS! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Please enjoy the pictures below, that were taken by Teresa Hall at our SOUL WINNING PARTY:

The following article appeared in The Pioneer News newspaper on June 20th, 2016

On June 8th, Pastor Mike traveled to Mayfield, Kentucky, to deliver over $2,000.00 dollars of; BRAND NEW SUPPLIES to Tornado Victims. In the picture on the left, is Sheriff Dewayne Redmon; who gave Pastor Mike a police escort to the Warehouse, where items are being stored; for those who have lost so much!

Pastors Mike and Melissa and our Board Members want to, THANK EVERYBODY FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR GIVING TO THE LORD! You truly made a difference!

On February 11th, Pastor Mike, Elder Scotty & Brother Raymond picked up 217 cases of water from the kids at Roby Elementary School. This water will be taken to Flint, Michigan, in the month of March. Pastors Mike & Melissa & Board Members want to thank Principal Brittany Knipp, Officer Dave Smith and all the kids and staff that donated to this GREAT OUT-REACH effort from our city, to the city of Flint Michigan. This water was donated in the memory of: TYLER DAVID ROSS!
On March 10th, Pastor Mike & Brother Raymond Lax, delivered another 6000 pounds of water to Flint Michigan. This water was given to VICTORIOUS WORD CHURCH, where Senior Pastors Rodney & Alexis; will give out to their church members and citizens in Flint Michigan. Pastors Mike & Melissa Miller & Board Members, want to thank all those who donated, to this GREAT OUT-REACH to Flint Michigan. Because you gave, we were able to take over 12,000 pounds of CLEAN BOTTLE WATER to people in GREAT NEED! THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD JESUS!

The following article was in The Pioneer News newspaper in Shepherdsville on Monday, January 25th, 2016

Church to take bottled water to Michigan families

By Stephen Thomas

SHEPHERDSVILLE - It’s not exactly the miracle of turning water into wine, but Family Day Ministries hopes it helps and makes an impact.

The church located in Shepherdsville is collecting cases of bottled water for distribution in Flint, Mich., where a drinking water crisis is impacting life for 100,000 residents.

FDM co-founders Mike and Melissa Miller decided to organize a donation trip, allowing Bullitt County residents an opportunity to assist Flint residents first-hand with clean drinking water donations.

“The human body has to have water,” Mike Miller said. “They have to have it, and this will help them. We all need water to survive.”

FDM has assisted other areas in crisis over the past four years, including collections and donations to tornado victims in West Liberty, Ky., and Fairdale, Ill., as well as flood victims in Johnson County, Ky.

“We transported about $8,000 of new supplies to Fairdale,” Miller said. “We had about $7,500 in supplies for Johnson County.

Due to the issues in Flint, where led contaminates have been found in the city’s water supply, the situation allows for FDM’s donation drive to be very specific.

“We’ve helped out before with natural disasters,” Miller said. “This one is a man-made disaster, and water is what is needed right now. It’s going to be a long process for these people.”

Miller said the FDM delivery truck will be loaded with as much water as it can handle for the six-hour transport. Collections will be taken through Feb. 2.

Miller will personally distribute the donated water to South Baptist Church in Flint.

“We like to take our donations to other churches,” he said. “Their pastors know the community. They know who really needs the most help.”

Miller mentioned that South Baptist planned to host a large community outreach event in March, collecting donations from other churches throughout the country.

“Our city is actually taking the first delivery for this church’s outreach,” he added.

FDM will host a special love offering at their Jan. 31 church service, where members and guests alike may bring their donations.

Miller said donors could contact the church at any time to come to their house and collect the donated items personally. A home address would be needed for any tax write-off donations.

The collection drive’s official deadline is Feb. 2 at 7 p.m., when the church will begin to organize and prepare to pack the truck.

However, Miller said any further donations will continue to be accepted after that time.

“I believe there will be a second trip in March,” he admitted. “I know our church members will help fill our truck, and we’re probably going to have to break it into two trips.”

For more information, or to make a donation, call (502)424-0330, or visit

On February 5th, Pastor Mike & GOD'S MIRACLE CREW traveled to, Flint Michigan to deliver 255 cases of bottle water & 25 Gallons to the Citizens of Flint; who need clean drinking water. The total weight of this water, was over 6000 pounds. Pastors Mike & Melissa & our Board Members, want to THANK ALL OF YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD JESUS! Featured in the picture below, from Right to Left is: Senior Elder Robert Arnett, Brother Depp Risnor, Brother Hippie Sherman Sailings, Sister Ricki Kidwell, Sister Sarah Sailings, Brother Raymond Lax, Elder Scotty Hall, Pastor Mike Miller & Brother Don Hack.
outreach truck

 Pastors Mike & Melissa & our Board Members, want to THANK ALL those who donated their time, talents & money to reach many people in 2015 with the GOSPEL OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. 
On December 19th, Family Day Ministries went CHRISTMAS CAROLING at Nursery Homes in Mt. Washington, KY and Providence, IN.  What a blessing it was to sing CHRISTMAS SONGS to those wonderful people.  Listed in the picture from right to left is: Sister Mary Hall, Brother Michael Taft, Brother Clayton Hall, Sister Ricky Kidwell, Pastor Mike Miller, Sister Sarah Sailings, Brother Marvin Nelson, Sister Gloria Taft, Senior Elder Robert Arnett, Sister Dr. Teresa Hall and Sister Karen Kidwell.

 On December 4th, Family Day Ministries, Inc. was ask by Mayor Scott Ellis and the City Council to do the Major Scene and the Praise & Worship for this GREAT EVENT! We are so HUMBLE & THANKFUL, to our City for "KEEPING JESUS CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS!" Featured in the picture from left to right is: Sister Tina Winter, Elder Scotty Hall, Sister Mary Hall, Pastor Mike Miller, Youth Pastors Jeremy & Jessica Brown, Senior Elder Robert Arnett, Sister KenAnn Sharp, Sister Donna Burke!

 On December the 13th, Family Day Ministries, Inc. gave Pastors Robin & Tim Meyers from the RIVER CITY LOVE SQUAD, INC. hundreds of warm clothing items for their HOMELESS & NEEDY OUT-REACH FOR JESUS CHRIST, on December 14th in Metro Louisville. Pastors Tim & Robin, also presented the Church with a OUT-REACH AWARD for the support that they have received over the 5 years from Family Day Ministries, Inc. Pastors Mike & Melissa & Board Members want to thank all those who donated to this GREAT OUT-REACH! Featured in the Picture from left to right is: Pastors Mike & Melissa Miller, Sister Lois Neal, Sister Mary Hall, Pastors Tim & Robin Myers; sitting from left to right is: Sister Amber Fisher, Elder Scotty Hall, Sister Lorraine Moore & Sister Patty Ambrosse; who directed this GREAT OUT-REACH!
On August 9th, 2015. We had our BACK TO SCHOOL OUT-REACH! Our church was packed out and we were able to give out over 500 BRAND NEW ITEMS to the kids going back to school! Mrs. T. (Our Children's Pastor) featured in this picture was getting ready with Pastor Melissa to hand out all the BRAND NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Pastors Mike & Melissa and our Board of Directors want to say a, "BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR GIVING TO THE LORD!" There was also, six more SOULS BORN INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!

On July 22nd, 2015 GOD'S MIRACLE CREW traveled to Paintsville First United Methodist Church, to deliver supplies to the FLOOD VICTIMS in Johnson County, KY.  There was over 3,400 BRAND NEW ITEMS delivered to the church. The cash value of these supplies was over $7,000.00 dollars.  Pastors Mike & Melissa Miller & our Board of Directors, want to thank FDM and our community for blessing so many people that are in great need!  THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD JESUS! 
In the picture below, is Pastor Mike, Elder Scotty, Jacob Miller & Sister Robin Solone; who will hand these items to people in need. The other picture is Pastor Mike, Elder Scotty and Jacob Miller at, Paintsville First United Methodist Church at the altar of the church.
  In the picture at left, are all the AWESOME GOD'S MIRACLE CREW that helped load the supplies on the truck.  Pastors Mike & Melissa Miller thank all of you so much for your time to help people in need!

On May 2nd 2015.  Pastor Mike, Elder Scotty & Brother Howard traveled to Fairdale, Ill. to be a blessing to families who lost so much, because of the tornado that hit on April 9th, 2015.  We want to thank all those who gave to help these families. We were able to fellowship with these families and give items that were donated to this GREAT OUT-REACH!  Pastors Mike & Melissa Miller & our Board Members want to thank you, for GIVING TO THE LORD!!!  GOD BLESS!!! 
Pictures below of those who helped load the truck to aid families
that were affected by the destruction that the tornado did!
Pictured at left:
Pastor Mike standing in Fairdale, Ill where the tornado struck.  The house behind him, was completely blown away; but the tree was turned into a CROSS by a resident that lived in the city!  THE CROSS ALWAYS BRINGS HOPE!!!