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On Sunday, December 1st, at 10:30 am, Family Day Ministries is honored to welcome guest speaker, Dan Bosman. Dan Bosman is a commercial airplane pilot whom God has used mightily to bring revival to conservative traditional churches.

Malcolm De Kock, retired pastor of Hillcrest Presbyterian Church in South Africa writes,
Dan Bosman has a simple, gentle, compassionate ministry of healing, devoid of theatrics, extravagant claims or a demanding approach. He directs the attention away from himself and onto Jesus. The Lord used him wonderfully on his visit to us. He has a strong emphasis in his preaching on the Scriptures, the Cross, repentance and the second coming of Christ. He alerts Christians to beware of false teaching, and exposes some of these. He has a heart for the purity of the Church as the bride of Christ. I have pleasure in commending him to you.

Dr. Douglas Simpson - former Medical Superintendent of Greys Hospital South Africa
"After suffering a complete retinal detachment of my right eye and very poor vision with my left eye i attended an evangelistic crusade of Dan Bosman a well respected missionary pilot. Being a very skeptical doctor i argued that "I did think that my eyes could be restored as there was pathology and not just symptoms.
During the service i realized my need of Jesus Christ as my Savior and that night I committed my life to Him ! The following night I followed Dan's instruction to place my hands on my eyes and as Dan prayed a prayer for myself and many others i suddenly realized i could see!
Since that night my relationship with Jesus Christ developed and i started to pray for many patients as well, much to the shock of my Medical Director(Dr Willem Botha) at Grey's hospital Pietermarizbug South Africa, my self and saw many answers to prayer and also many lives changed, who made comments of their lives to Jesus Christ as well !
Praise the Lord !"

A letter from Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe to Family Day Ministries:

Pastors Mike & Melissa, were so honored that Drs. Jack & Rexella Van Impe mentioned that Family Day Ministries is a church PREACHING THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD TO THEIR CHURCH! Pastors Mike & Melissa & FDM church stands behind Drs. Jack & Rexella 100% in SUPPORT & PRAYERS, to keep the largest SOUL WINNING MINISTRY IN THE WORLD GOING STRONG FOR KING JESUS!
Please enjoy the video below. It is a one minute clip from their program on 4/1/2017